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The Clean Energy Ministerial is a global forum to promote policies and share best practices to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

CEM initiatives help reduce emissions, improve energy security, provide energy access, and sustain economic growth.

Women in Energy — Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference 2016

Women in Energy — Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference 2016
International C3E Ambassador Dr. Malak Al-Nory organized and moderated a panel on women in energy at the 6th Saudi Arabia Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The panel brought together a number of women pioneers in the energy industry to inspire a new generation of women to participate in the clean energy field.

Drive to (ISO) 50001: Campaign and Awards Spur Commitment

Drive to (ISO) 50001: Campaign and Awards Spur Commitment
Wide energy management systems (EnMS) adoption will deliver energy, economic, and sustainability benefits to companies, communities, and countries around the world. Responding to the powerful—but largely untapped—potential, the Energy Management Working Group (EMWG), an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), seeks to accelerate broad use of EnMS in industry and commercial buildings worldwide.

A Cooling Challenge in a Warming World

A Cooling Challenge in a Warming World

In a warmer, richer world, the demand for air conditioning will skyrocket. However, improving the average efficiency of air conditioners sold in 2030 by 30% compared to today’s models would reduce emissions of CO2 by up to 25 billion metric tons over the lifetime of the equipment. The Clean Energy Ministerial launched the Advanced Cooling Challenge to inspire governments and industry to make, sell, promote, and install super-efficient air conditioner or cooling solutions that are smart, climate friendly, and affordable.

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