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Our work unites 25 participating CEM countries and the European Commission in efforts to improve energy efficiency, enhance clean energy supply, and expand clean energy access.

Our work takes place through three main activities:

  • High-level policy dialogue at annual ministerial meetings helps advance international collaboration to accelerate the adoption of clean energy policies and practices.
  • Public-private engagement builds the industry, government, and civil society cooperation needed to scale up clean energy around the globe.
  • Year-round work through action-driven, transformative clean energy initiatives and campaigns expands the deployment of clean energy technologies, policies, and practice


Documents to download

File name PDF File
COP25 events COP25- schedule of events final version (28 November 2019).pdf
Boosting Trans-Border Interconnection RGEI Session GEIDCO_compressed.pdf
Energy Transformation and Regional Integration of Power Systems: Scene Setter SCENE SETTER NREL 21CPP Logan.pdf
Regional Integration and Power System Flexibility PSF session Szilvia Doczi IEA_compressed.pdf
Regional Integration and roles of scenarios and long term planning SCENE SETTER IRENA Mr La Camera.pdf